Yoga Literally Saved Me

YogaAbout 9 years back, I dabbled in yoga a bit for a month or so. I really liked it. But, the yoga studio I liked here in Phoenix was so far, and that was right around the the time I was trying to get pregnant. Well, I ended up getting pregnant, and moving, and then moving some more, and then going to Germany where there just was no legit yoga that I liked, or the timing never really became quite right.

Well, a few months ago, I started going to some meditative yoga at the Y, and while “okay” it never really gave me the feelings that the flow of 9 years ago gave me. So, when I started at my new gym that has a robust yoga program, I decided to dive back in, go buy a yoga mat, and become one of those “yoga people” again.

First, let’s talk about “yoga people”. When I think of “yoga people” I think of Gwenyth Paltrow. Raw food eating, always in a constant hazy state of emotion (or not showing emotion), people who can legit wear yoga clothes all day and not have it only be about comfort. They are the people that walk around Whole Foods, looking cute in yoga attire, smelling like patchouli and lavender and always using really soft tones with kids. Well, I’m not really that kind of person, but I’m TURNING into a yoga person… Anyway, I’m digressing (mental note, write in the future about yoga people, because that’s it’s own blog….”

So, let’s talk about the yoga now. It’s a been a rough three-four months. On the work front. Home front. Military Spouse Front. If you name it, it’s been a lot to handle. I usually have a lot on my plate, but recently it’s just been bringing me down. So, when I went into yoga, I expected a good workout and some sweating, of course. But, I didn’t expect it to be so incredibly therapeutic. The key with yoga, is you have to mesh with the person teaching it. They have to say all the right things. The tone of their voice has to be soft, and forgiving, yet hard when it needs to be. They need to respect your space, yet come to you when you need help. Sounds like a therapist… right?

Well, it is. I have found more power, strength, motivation, clarity and sense of purpose on my mat in the last month than I have in the past 20 years. Nothing has brought about the power to move mountains chase out the shadows. See, when you are on that mat, you, and only you, now the difference between something that is difficult, and something that is completely out of reach. Pushing yourself past that difficult place, and into that place on the brink. That is where you find your peace. I personally love flow, and great music, and the fast pace of just engaging the ujjayi breath in your practice. There are just so many benefits to doing a yoga practice a few times a week! Yesterday, I went to a flow class, and just struggled the entire class (it was more of a detox from the margarita the night before! lol), but the girl next to me, was like, “you did great… I felt you.” That’s the really cool think about yoga. It’s one of those few places where you are all in the same boat, and deeply feeling someone else’s pain, vibes, and renewal after it is all over.

Yoga can be expensive! How can you find the best value in your area, and see it works out for you?

First, see what is at your gym. If you are already paying for a gym membership, try the yoga class. If you do not have access to a gym, try to pick up a yoga video so you can start to learn basic poses, and the lingo. However, I do not recommend yoga at home without also doing yoga in a class, if you can get to one. In the class, with others, is where you may find that real inner connection and feel the energy. Best place to start is head to Groupon, and type in Yoga. As you can see, there are a ton of great deals! A lot of places offer introductory packages to try them out. So, take advantage of a few and spend three months trying a few studios. Once you find one you like try to buy more classes in bulk to save.

It’s cheaper than therapy, you’ll get in shape, and your abs will never bee the same! 🙂

Until next time.

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