Weekly Wrap Up – First week of January

I think I’ll start writing the weekly wrap ups again, to document all the best stuff from last week that didn’t really deserve it’s own post, but warrants some kind of discussion. In his week’s wrap up, Glee, Taken 3 (no spoilers), Furious 7, Mob Wives, the Advocare 24 day challenge, and the Christmas takedown struggle.

First up, Taken 3.

I have a saying that the first and third movie of a trilogy will always be the best. Taken three keeps my theory going strong. The first movie was a surprise, sleeper hit. Of course we knew Liam Neeson could kick ass, but we didn’t know he could kick THAT much ass.

The second move was so so… I watched it mainly because they traipsed around Istanbul, one of my favorite cities.

The third. Um. Well, I cried a few times! But, there are a few lessons learned/confirmed from Taken 3:

1. Sometimes the people you have known and trusted the longest are the first to stab in you in the back.

2. Even the weakest person can have redemption (that means, you Kim, the daughter). She finally grew a pair and started listening to her Dad. It only took her two movies.

3. Even in the darkest situation, fight it out. Don’t ever let someone take you to location B. You will die at location B.

Do I recommend Taken 3! Yes! You may have been jaded by Taken 2, but you have to see Taken 3. Don’t listen to these critic haters. You have to just love Liam Neeson and keep it movin.

If you haven’t seen Taken 1, get on it.


Finally! The season that SHOULD have happened two seasons ago. When the gang went to NY,  I tried. I really tried. I made it through that entire season, albeit, barely. The season after that (last season) was a ridiculous hot mess that I didn’t even make it through. Everyone was literally hitting rock bottom. It was depressing.

Now, everyone has hit the lowest of the lows, had no success after GLEE club, and they are back. So, I’m not sure really what to make of that. My friend Katy texted me during the first hour and said, “are you watching Glee? This is horrible!” Indeed, the first hour was, but it got better, and I clearly recognized this as the season that SHOULD have happened last year.

At the end of the day, what is great about Glee is not the random side storylines, or breakouts into music. Instead, it has been a seven year exploration of the importance of arts in the schools. That alone should merit it a great mention in the American history books. So, watch this season, or set your DVRs. It’s on the death time slot of Friday night, where shows really go to die, so that’s all you get.

Missed last night? Click HERE for a recap.

Mob Wives.

This season is by far the best. Take it from me and just start watching, if you haven’t been. This is probably one of my favorite reality shows. These women are intense.

The Advocare 24 day challenge

I started the Advocare 24 day challenge on Wednesday. It’s my second round. I did my first one in September, and it started me on a positive path of clean eating, working out and taking regular vitamins. Most of all, I drink a TON of water. But, seriously, I lost 20lbs. I haven’t been this in shape in five years. Germany and the European lifestyle did a number on me, but I’m getting back to fighting form. 🙂 I hope to lose eight more lbs! It’s one of the highlights of my week.

These Christmas Decorations. I usually wait a couple of weeks to put everything away until I shop all the sales. It’s just a mindfu*k putting all this stuff away. I really want to scale back holiday decorations, and I say this ever year, and only buy more. This year though, I’m getting rid of the less desirable stuff, and you should to. lol. The key word for this year is MINIMALST.

Furious 7

While watching Taken3, saw the trailer for Furious 7. I cried.

That’s all for the weekly wrap up! Have a great weekend, and make the most of it!



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