The Top 10 Songs of 2012


Every December, I do this post! It’s a great way for me to recap my year through what I best remember, and that is the music. This is some ADULT business. Much of what I listen to is for adults, or adult oriented, way NSFW, or just dirty. You’ve been WARNED. Don’t come up on this post thinking it’s your standard ‘ol best of post. It’s not. 😉 The music I listen to is not by the book. Okay, now that this disclaimer is over…

This year, I have diverted a bit from the standard “music” and I am also including You Tube videos that ROCKED the house as a nice little extra. I feel like, all in all, the music top 40 spewed at us was so so, so I ventured a little bit off the grid this year for this top 10.

So, sit back, grab some coffee, vodka and wine, slot about 1/2 hour, and go on the most amazing journey known as 2012…. These are the songs and vids that are how I will remember 2012.

10. and Britney Spears – Scream and Shout

There is little to NOT like about this song. It’s light, fluffy, and just the thing you need to get you through a rough day.

All Eyez on US:

9. Christina Aguilera – Your Body

Hawt. Hawt. Hawt. I loved this song and thought it was the BEST ear candy.

8. Maroon 5 – One More Night


7. Kreayshawn – Go Hard

Okay, sooooo. A lot of people hated on the fact that I literally followed Kreayshawn all through 2012. This song is RIDICULOUS, but it was in heavy rotation on my spotify. It was my favorite to work out to… It BUMPS.

Best line: “I see you working at the mall, working at Forever 21, selling tanks and shawls. You wanna quit your job? You need a place to go? Girl, run your own show but don’t be on some ho shit.” Classic.

6. T.Pain Ft. Joey Galaxy – Booty Wurk

You get this THREE ways. Each way will do you right.

The official video:

Some Jasmine Meakin choreography:

and my FAVORITE WAY – with Channing:

5. DJ Fresh – Golddust

This officially came out in 2011, but did not come on my radar until 2012, so it’s on my 2012 list. I LOVE this song. The video is amazing. The best is when J sings, “It’s like Golddust…you hear me coming through your speeeeeeaaakerssss.” The beat is amazing.

4. B.o.B – So Good

Sigh. Yes. Love this song.

You’ll be in the high life
Soaking up the sunlight
Anything you want is yours
I’ll have you living life like you should
You say you never had it so good

3. DJ Antoine vs Timati- Welcome to St. Tropez

This song fueled my dreams about St. Tropez. All.Year.Long. Screw Vegas. Look at St. Tropez.

The video makes me want to work out and get a body to rock out in the South of France. St. Tropez. Nice. Cannes. Monaco. All that. It’s a nine hour drive from my house. what. I have to go before I get too old.

It WILL happen, mark my words. THEN, I’m going to make a montage with this as the song. Watch. lol.

So, best line… “Shit. We the Shit. Honey how much better can it get?”

2. The Wanted – Chasing the Sun and Glad You Came

Could you get both of these songs out of your head this year? Yeah, neither could I. Neither could my kids thanks to this being at the end of Madagascar 3. sigh.

1. JJAMZ – Heartbeat

The CREEPIEST video award goes to JJAMZ’s Heartbeat. However, it was hands down my #1 song of the year. The first time I heard it was on the video for the new myspace (who STILL hasn’t accepted my invite request, WTF?) So, listen to it first on the Myspace video, and THEN watch the video. Anyhoo, it’s a great song, and they area an amazing band. The entire album is a good time.

Now, here’s my top 5 funny You Tube videos:

5. PSY – Gangham Style

Somewhere out there, someone is reading this, and trying to figure out WHY it didn’t make it onto the main song list. Then, that same person is probably, WHY did it not make it to the top of the you tube list. Well, I feel like it was a you tube phenomenon, and I feel like it is GROSSLY played out. Also, if I hear my kids sing it again, it will be too soon.

4. The Gregory Brothers – Dayum

This song is on my iTunes. It’s on my spotify. It’s a shortcut in my messages. It literally spawned a key saying for all of 2012 round these parts.

Let’s do this!

3. Todrick Hall – Beauty and the Beat

Okay, SO, I didn’t even hear this until a week ago at Diane’s Birthday party. So, the fact that it made it to #3 on my top five list of 2012 list speaks volumes…

“What’s good, what it do.”

“She think she in a furry tale.”

“Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

2. Mr. Ghetto – The Wal-Mart Song – The New Orleans Bounce

This was stuck in my head for AT LEAST a month. It spawned a whole side parody song that Diane and I made up about the BX. I STILL bump it in the car, MONTHS, later. I know ALL the words.

The video is HORRID. lol. It’s literally four minutes of some chick shaking their a$$ in wal-mart and the parking lot. lol. The song though, the best ever.

Favorite line, “She buying dush.”

1. Jon LaJoie – Dating Service Commercial

While not a song, I can practically recite the entire thing. Whenever I serve pancakes, I always say, “Is that how you like your pancakes bababoosh?”

Best line… “As my mom would say, ‘you can’t pole vault your way out of this one’.”

Well, that’s it. Sad it’s over. Look at my Best of 2011 post. It still rocks some goodies.

Have a Happy New Year!

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