The OA on Netflix… That final episode… (spoilers, you were warned)

So, like much of the free world right now, we binged the OA over the holiday season. Much like Making a Murderer last December, this show consumed us in a big way and it was difficult to peel our butts off the couch.

I’m going to write this blog from the perspective that you have already watched the show, and you are not seeking a cliff’s notes version to the show. You MUST watch the show. It’s excellent, but also had a million plot holes that the interwebs have been trying to go over and over for the past two week and it’s causing a ton of arguments.

The main argument is… was Prairie’s story real? Whether you believe this or not directly impacts how you felt about the final episode. If you believe it was fake all along, then the final episode makes no sense, but if the story was real, it makes all the sense.

Before we go anywhere else… I cried during the final episode. When they got up and started doing the movements in unison, I bawled. It’s what Prairie had been saying every episode… It has to be something you feel and it has to be completely connected, or it won’t work. In that one moment, those five people that had been spending all that time, finally believed that their energy together could change something… and this was AFTER they had the meeting about the books. Which means, to me, Prairie had changed them in such a profound way that it no longer mattered if the story was true or false. All that existed was the here and now, and they knew they had the power to connect and die together, or thwart the shooter.

It was that moment, that I believed it all, and they did too. They believed.

Now… do I believe the story was real Hell, yeah, I do! 100% real. There’s plot holes here and there (many explained HERE) , but they were they were minor, and the story couldn’t address EVERYTHING. But here’s the TWO main reasons I think the story is real.

1) The books. People keep coming back to the books. Stop. The books were planted there by the FBI “Victim’s Advocate”. That dude, Elias,  is NOT a victim’s advocate. He’s a full on agent of some sort, probably working in some X-files unit, and was assigned to get to the bottom of her story, extract all kinds of information, and then discredit the hell out of her. I fully believe that the FBI were scared of Prairie and all the information that she possessed. What Hap and his friend (the other scientist) were working on, as crazy and horrible as it was, was really mind blowing work. The ability to prove an afterlife, and actually discuss what happens there has unbelievable implications on our world and how it works. Governments would topple. Men would no longer be revered as gods. Suicides would rise. Therefore, you can see why the gov’t would try to keep this all under the rug. Also, all these books were brand new, and looked like they had never been read. If she was really truly trying to use these to learn about and bolster her story they would have at least looked like they had been opened, read, marked up, etc.

Remember when she was talking to BBA about talking to the Elias? She said it’s been great talking to him and getting everything out. That was the indication that she had told him even more during sessions than what we saw. We can probably assume from her saying this that Elias knows more than we know.

Also, in this article, we find support from another about this theory:

Let me address the books first. We can tell from her runaway note that Prairie reads and writes English at about a third-grade level, at best. Her first language was Russian and then she was blind, and then she was in captivity. So when would she have picked up the literacy skills to get through one of Homer’s texts if it wasn’t in braille? I barely got through The Odyssey in high school. And I seriously doubt that she was spending her time post-kidnapping reading up on oligarchs. I think the FBI victim’s advocate, who is in her house when Alonso is snooping around, planted them in an attempt to get the OA committed. It wouldn’t be the first time a man decided that a woman was crazy and took matters into his own hands to dictate what happens to her

2) The premonition dreams and the bloody nose. The fact that she had this at the end and finally connected the dots is what proves that she has the connection to the past of her childhood. Remember, they looked up the bus accident, and found the evidence that it happened. Let’s go back to the books and the FBI guy. She tells him the story about her dream, and next thing we know, he’s planting the books. He knows that this is another thing, that if Prairie is able to harness, is another scary thing.

There are a few other reasons which lead to the story being real, and you can find them all over the internet, along with the reasons why it’s fake. I will just say that this show was absolutely astounding, and caused me to feel all the feels on several levels. It made me feel like there is hope out there beyond our understanding, and there is compassion in this world that is boundless, all we have to do is find it.

I really liked this essay about the ending, and encourage a read.

What were your thoughts on the OA?

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