The Best Songs of 2015


Lawd have mercy. Every year, this gets later and later and later, but I won’t give up! I won’t let the procrastination grab hold of me, because it truly is one of my favorite ways of looking back on a year. 2015 was an exceptional year for music. JUST AMAZING! Best in a long time.I curate these songs all year long. So, I keep a running list and rank them all year.

As stated before, here are the criteria for making to my list:

1) How many times I listen to them.

2) How many memories they are linked to.

3) The videos (and I mean beautiful videos)

4) How happy they made me

To catch up, click on The Best of 2014. That will link you through to the best of 13, 12, 11 and so on. I do this every year, so if you are new to the party, catch up, because it’s still a good time.  Sometimes, I still go back, in a quiet moment, a few years back and reminisce. Therefore you should as well. So, without going through a lot of drama, here’s my top 20 of the year. For all of you that have been asking me about this year. Sorry. I had a lot going on. Gym. Work. Life. But, this is my gift to you.

I always recommend that you carve out an hour, grab a beer and watch all the videos. It’s my baby. Enjoy.

20. Ex’s and Oh’s – Elle King

“They always come, but they never want to leave.” This song reminds me of spin, and other group fitness class. THEN, when I finally saw the video, that sealed the deal with it’s place on the top 20 list. Hot Damn.

19. Sugar – Robin Schulz

“She’s got cherry lips, angel eyes.”

Love this song. Always on high rotation. It always puts me in the BEST mood. “Before you play with fire, do think  twice.” Is this kid 12? He looks it…

18. Omen – Sam Smith.

“I didn’t pay attention to the light and the dark.” SOOOOOO, I have this thing for Sam Smith’s voice. I also have a thing for Disclosure. But, back to Sam. A serious thing. He’s on here more than once. Always. He’s up there with Lana Del Rey. Always sneaking around for a good time.

17. BURNITUP – Janet Jackson ft. Missy Elliott

Um, I’m still struggling to understand why there was NO video for this song. I mean, really struggling. So, all you get is the Janet tour business before she cancelled all her shows due to the throat cancer. Enjoy this quality 9 minute mix with some Miss You Much and Nasty Boys mixed in.

16. Downtown – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

This song will always remind me of last September when my birdies Evelyn and Andrea came to Phoenix in September 2015, and we went to the gay club, Stacy’s on Melrose, and pretended we were 21 for just one night… and paid for it dearly the day after. This video is the amazing.

15. Stole the Show – Kygo

“We used to have it all. But now’s our curtain call.” Sigh. Beautiful song. The end. I will never tire of it. Amazing video

14. All Hand on Deck – Tinashe

Two words. Warrior Sculpt. My Warrior Sculpt Instructor always played this during squats. It’s everything to me. I can squat and pulse during this entire thing.  Gorgeous song. Yes.

13. Sorry – Justin Bieber

Sorry, also known as the, “Sorry, Selena, I totally messed up song”, is amazing. The video does not match the song, and I would have done something way different. However, the video is SO cool. #struggleisreal. I do love this song. I never tire of it.

12. Mordidita – Ricky Martin

I can’t even with this song. I shake it every time I hear it. #zumba5000 #sexyvideo #latinlife

12. Firestone -Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell

It was a big year for Kygo for me. Great song. This song is just summertime on a stick for me. Sexy lyrics. Sexy beat. It’s great. This is when EDM crosses over into something different. Not quite trance. Not quite house. Not quite downtempo. It’s crossing a lot of lines, and this has been the trend in the last five years…

11. Here – Alessia Cara

Beautiful Song. Lana Del Rey didn’t have anything new this year. So, she’s my replacement. Loved this original song. A great yoga song that reminds me of many a flow.

10. How Deep is Your Love – Calvin Harris and the Disciples

Well, first of all, we all know how much I adore Calvin Harris. He defines that new EDM sound for me. The one that I grasp on too. I love this video. It’s just this random girl walking around, but I have watched it I don’t know how many times. Love it. I think everyone has had that moment when they are just walking around, and saying WTF.

9. In the Night – The Weeknd

Ooooooh, this was a tough one. All year, we heard Can’t Feel My Face, and then THIS came out.  Yes, this is the Weeknd’s best work. “All along she was livin in a world without end or beginning…” Sexy song. Sexy video. Sexy Lyrics. This is his jam.

8. You Know You Like It – DJ Snake & Alunageorge

“Some people want me to be heads or tails. I say, no way, try again another day.” This video is BIZARRE. I don’t even know.  I feel like you HAVE to be on a substance to get it. Regardless. I love it.

7. Ginza – J. Balvin

This was one of my zumba songs, and we would get DOWN. And, to this day, put it all, and I’m getting down. The end. So sexy.

6. Fun – Pitbull Ft. Chris Brown.

Wasn’t this EVERYONE’s jam in 2015? I mean, this is one of those deal breakers songs. If you don’t love this song… well, I just don’t know about me and you. “Loosen up your body come undone.”

5. La Gozadera – Gente De Zona

Cuba. Puerto Rico. Venezuela! Latin countries unite!

I’m not even going to explain the spot of this song on this list. This is the life I want my kids to lead all day, every day.

4. Lean On – Major Lazer and DJ Snake

If you didn’t hear this song, you lived under a rock. Love this video.

4. Writings on the Wall – Sam Smith


If you did, you get why this is #4. If you didn’t, here is is. This is literally James Bond for me… all wrapped up in a tight little bow. “A million shards of glass that haunt me from my past…”

Here’s the sweet video too:

4. You and Me – Disclosure

Remember when I said I love Disclosure. This song is fantastic.


3. Cake on the Ocean – DNCE

OMG, spin! This song will forever remind me of Spin! It really doesn’t get more fun and fluffy than this song. Not at all.

3. Hotline Bling – Drake

“You used to call me on my cell phone…”

2. Same ‘ol Love – Selena Gomez

The anthem. This is the most catchy song of the year. It was ALL over the place. I loved it. It was that time that Selena came out front.

2. When We Were Young – Adele

I bet you thought this would be Hello. Well, Hello was huge, but it did not have the DEPTH of this song. It doesn’t even have a video yet, which is a huge deal breaker for anyone normal, but this is Adele. I break rules for her. I always have. This song was far more complex and rich than Hello. The first time I heard it, I knew it would be my #1.

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed it!


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