The 10 reasons you should be watching Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars - Season 18 cast

This year marks the 18th season of Dancing with the Stars (SERIOUSLY? 18). But, yeah, 18, and I started watching the very first season. Over the years, I always try to watch a bit, and I usually drop off somewhere in the middle because all the dancing is repetitive, and the dancers are just blah, and the professionals just “phone it in.” BUT, this season, I was drawn in by the cast and they stayed with it for these 10 reasons….

10. The costumes – This season, the quality of the costumes is just amazing. Some are racy. Some are modest. But the QUALITY is just outstanding.

9. NeNe Leakes – She’s one of my favorite Real Housewives and she’s always crazy enough to keep you entertained. She’s the only person I have ever known to throw a diva fit during practice and be all drama and we STILL love her!

8. Derek Hough – As far as guy dancers go, we all know my #1 is Justin Timberlake. #2 is Derek Hough and I love how he is moving int a more choreographer role in his life.

7. The judges! I still love the fact that this show has the same Judges and Host (for the most part… the female judges seem to come and go). I like continuity. That was the one thing American Idol lost.

6. The Guest Judges. I LOVE the guest judges this season.

5. The Chemistry… OMG, can all the couples just pretty much get married this year? I want Derek and Amy just to go ahead and be married already. Meryl and Max? OMG, they are smokin’ hot together. My favorite though… James and Peeta. Wowsa.

4. Danica McKellar – When I was growing up, I LOVED Winnie Cooper. The Wonder Years was my favorite show! Seeing her week after week is still so cool.

3. The emotion on this show! I CRY at least twice each show. Normally, when Amy dances, and then again when someone else has an emotional story. Amy is a double amputee, and she AMAZES me each week. The show where they had to dance to a special moment in their life, I bawled the entire episode.

2. The way they have the show mixed in with the results show. Getting rid of a bloated results show is great.

1. It’s still a family friendly show. I always watch it on a quiet morning during the week with Camille. She really enjoys it and it’s our little Mom/Dot tradition each week.

So, I highly recommend that you watch it from the beginning and stream it if you haven’t. If you are watching it, who do you think will win? Who are you rooting for to win?

Me? I would love to see Charlie and Sharna or Amy and Derek Win. I have a sneaking suspicion that is will be James and Peeta. 🙂


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