Yoga Literally Saved Me

About 9 years back, I dabbled in yoga a bit for a month or so. I really liked it. But, the yoga studio I liked here in Phoenix was so far, and that was right around the the time I was trying to get pregnant. Well, I ended up getting pregnant, and moving, and then moving some more, and then going to Germany where there just was no legit yoga that I liked, or the timing never really became quite right. Well, a few months ago, I started going to some meditative yoga at the Y, and while "okay" it never really gave me the feelings that the flow of 9 years ago gave me. So, when I started at my new gym that has a robust yoga program, I decided to dive back in, go buy a yoga mat, and become one of those "yoga people" again. First, let's talk about "yoga people". When I think of "yoga people" I think of Gwenyth Paltrow. Raw food eating, always in a constant hazy state of emotion (or not showing emotion), people who can legit wear yoga clothes all day and not have it only be about comfort. … [Read more...]