Second Week of Homeschool – 9/9/2013

The second week of homeschool ends today, and today, we have not done much but catch up on some cleaning, some errands and figuring out what to make for dinner tonight.

I’m wiped. Just mentally, emotionally, physically. I have not been able to catch much steam this week, and I feel semi defeated. Not with the homeschool, per se, but just with life. Hence, this is one of the things that will clearly be a struggle. When the teacher is simply too tired to teach, and the breaks are few and far between, how do you gain and keep stamina?

However, I power though, and we made some great progress this week.

We are working on Dolch words, and practicing handwriting this week. We are also doing some simple counting and math and simply reviewing what C knew from PreK. The one thing we are doing more of is writing sentences using the Dolch words, and reading at least three books every session and two at night.

C’s words for this week were The, Is, My, and And. Easy enough, right. 🙂 She’s really mastered them.

Anyhoo, that’s the update for next week. Let us pray next week just goes more smootly, all around.



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