Prince died… and so did another part of our generation


So, another iconic singer of our generation has passed away. And, when I say OUR GENERATION. I say Gen X’ers… those kids of the late 70s and 80s. The kids that grew up on MTV, and mixed tapes, and boomboxes. We are the generation that spent real TIME listening to music, and the music was really GOOD. It was varied, and it stand the test of time. I could still throw a party, to this day, and play all 80s music, and not a soul would bat an eye.

Well, first it was Michael Jackson. Then Whitney. Bowie. Now Prince. The day Madonna passes, the world will go into a serious mourning. But, lets face it. The loss of these icons makes us all face the reality, that, hey… death isn’t really that far away. It’s touching people that we considered to be peers, if you will. These icons were like our big brothers and sisters, and as we near 40, and 50… well, shit. It’s a grim reminder that our lives are short, and you better live the best you can, while you can.

I don’t want to make this all doom and gloom. Because, I don’t think Prince would have wanted that. I think he would have wanted us to do what we ARE doing. Listening to his music. Thinking of his musical genius. Reflecting on the power of the true artist in our society.

There are people out there who say, WHO CARES about Prince dying. And, to them, I say, “well, not everyone can be a fan, but how can you NOT respect his artistry?” Again, I feel like Prince passing affects one specific generation. Baby Boomers won’t get it. Millennials won’t either. But, Gen X and Y… yeah, we got it. We know.

So, here’s a prayer going up to him, and a thank you for helping shape the sound of my world.

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