My top 10 songs of 2011

Okay, the crazyness of the new year has FINALLY settled down. Now, it’s time to to finally document and reflect upon 2011. Most years, I have music that really impacts me, and I try to document. This year was no exception. I had SEVERAL ultimate jams. Carve out 20 minutes or so out of your day to sit and read/listen/view and get a feel for what my 2011 was truly all about.My songs are rated based upon the following:

1) How many times I listen to them.

2) How many memories they are linked to.

3) The videos

4) How happy they made  me

I have known all year what my #1 was, and is, but the others had to duke it out.   Now, some of these songs may have come out earlier than 2011, but they didn’t hit my world fully until 2011, so here we go…

#10 – Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow

Hahahaha, this one is housed solidly on Diane’s iPod and I remember everytime we were in her car, it came on. The entire summer of 2011, I had no idea what the song was about, or any words besides “black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow”. But, it’s SO damn catchy, so, I’d sing it around the house. After a while, J started saying “Ah ah, you know what it and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow….”. He said it one time around Saige and her friend Reagan…They did a solid double take and looked at Diane and I like WHAT has he been listening to? It’s always funny when the teens judge. But, he had never listened to the song! Just the lyrics as I randomly sang them around the house. haha. Now every time I sing it, J gets down too.

#9 – Adele – He Won’t Go

I do not know ONE person who did not hear Adele during 2011, and a LOT of it. Her songs “Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone Like You” pierced our eardrums incessantly during 2011. Hopefully, you took some time to reach beyond those two songs and listen to the 21 album. If you did, you would have heard this gem “He Won’t Go”. Out of all the songs, this is my favorite. It’s just so simple, and really nails down what all our relationships are; they are risks and chances that we take with our feelings and emotions. Love is about risking, not backing down, and not giving up, ever.

#8 – Avril Lavigne – Smile

Janelle turned me on to this song…normally, I totally bypass Avril Lavigne, but it had me at “You you know that I’m a crazy bitch, I do what I want when I feel like it ….”. I rocked this song for a full three months, and still love it. It’s so cute, and just about that feeling you feel when you first realize you love someone, and that you still love them after all this time.

#7 – Tinie Tempah (feat. Swedish House Mafia) – Miami 2 Ibiza

More than once, this song has gotten me through the hard parts of a work out. Just when you think you can’t go on, you can push out another two minutes of hard core running. Then, I saw the video! It’s a hot vid! Click HERE to view if in Germany. If not, go to the You Tube:

#6 – Chris Brown (Feat. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes ) – Look At Me Now

DAMN YOU CHRIS BROWN. You know I don’t like you. You suck. You beat girls. DAMN YOU! I hate that your songs still make my lists…Sigh, but they do. Look At Me Now, with beats by Afrojack, are some of the best of 2011 and the rapping is mesmerizing. Based on pure musicality alone, I had to put this on my list. I have heard this song remixed several ways and each time I end up dancing in some manner.   Click HERE to view if in Germany. If not, go to the You Tube:

#5 – Rihanna  (Feat. Calvin Harris) – We Found Love

It was REALLY hard to miss this song. It was everywhere. The video is CRAZY! It was even banned in France!  This was definitely one of my favorite songs of the year. Click HERE to watch or continue on to You Tube:

#4 – DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans – Louder

“You can’t tame this energy inside”. Love it. This was totally my feel good song of the summer. If there was ever a song or video about just living your life, this is it.  Someone grab the roller skates!

 #3 – Dev – Bass Down Low

Holee Crapola. I <3 Dev. Everything this girl touches to PURE gold. Literally, there is not one song that she has done that I don’t love. She slipped onto my radar this year, and I’m a fan. Get it girl… I will never get sick of her music.  Sigh. This particular song has a wicked beat and some fantastic lyrics (definitely rated R). Crank up the Bass and get a little goose in that OJ.  Another reason to love her…those crazy good tats and hair. Click HERE  to watch in Germany or You Tube…

#2 – LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It

Thank Goodness someone brought some true fun back into our lives. LMFAO. Your music reminds me of what it means to be carefree. It was the official theme song for our 2011 Annual Christmas Cocktail party! “I work out!!!” For that, you earn a spot at #2.Click HERE if in Germany.

Well, I know you are desperately trying to figure out what could top LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It Soul Train line…

Well, it’s my new love, Calvin Harris and Kelis.

#1 Calvin Harris feat. Kelis – Bounce

First of all, has Kelis ever done a bad song. No. So, I decided to check out this song she did with Calvin Harris (this was during the early summer before Rhianna’s song with Calvin hit the shelves). I adore Calvin Harris. His other song Ready for the Weekend was already in hot rotation. This song continues to rotate heavily on my iPod and I end every work out with this song. The video is also the craziest of the year! The dancing in the dirt parking lot is classic.  Look up random in the dictionary and there is a clip of this video. Some may say, no David Guetta in your top ten? While he surely got my feet movin’, Calvin Harris just won out this year.




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