My German Adventures with Cows, Kids and Horses

Around here, we like to go for walks! There is a huge forested area that is behind us where we like to go walking around, and it’s always gorgeous. We always see or find something new.

First, some background. I have NEVER lived in place that is so….rural and had open spaces like Germany. In other states I have lived in, there ARE forests and green areas, but NOTHING like Germany, and none right outside my front door. Germany takes their outside spaces very seriously, and Germans are huge on nordic walking, getting outside, and just taking some long deep breaths of clean, cool air. There is nothing like it.

Therefore, I love to go for walks around my village, and we go to a lot of lakes just to look around. There are usually a lot of playgrounds attached to all lakes/open spaces, so it’s great entertainment that is free. It’s just a chance to clear your mind.

On our last walk, we walked down to where Rodenbach and Siegelbach meet and there are a lot of farming areas, and something I had never seen before on my walks down there…a tons of cows. Hmm, okay, well, I’m open to cows. But, these cows were looming and at one point while I was taking some pics of the kids they started moving WAY too fast for my liking and the only thing between my kids and these cows were some twine like wires (two) and that’s it. So, when J and C got really loud playing the cows started charging a bit en masse! I am sure they were just curious, but again, I’m a city girl and I have not idea how to fend off a cow!?! I picked up all my sh*t and got the hell out of there. Once I figured out they were only going to the fence, and they slowed down, I let the kids get a little closer, check out the cows, and investigate. On our way back up the hill, we saw a couple of women riding horses through the forest. All in all, it’s a great experience for our kids, and something I never had grown up, so it means something to me.

Here are some pics from the day…When you come visit, I’ll take you in the forest too! Less than two years left!

Out behind our house, after you walk for about five minutes. Again, really rural..

Camille’s passion is the play in the dirt. She loves dirt.

I don’t even know….

See, that fence is not a real fence. However, they were just curious. The kids liked to watch them.

I have about 9000 million pictures of the kids just like this. Perhaps when they are 18, I’ll make a montage.

No idea what was going on here. I think I was telling Camille to say something witty.

“Look mom, Marshmallows.”

“No, those are mushrooms, do not eat the wild mushrooms.”

Life lessons on these walks, yo.

Back into our neighborhood!

All in all, it was a great walk, and a hot day for October in Germany. I did get some great pics for our Christmas cards that I’m trying to get done this week. I refuse to believe it’s already November, and I’m ordering xmas cards. It really feels like it was JUST last Christmas.

Thanks for looking.


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