Let me reintroduce myself to you…

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I go through these little spurts where I blog a lot, and then times when I don’t blog at all, and I have accepted that it is a part of the process of being a long term blogger. I’ve been at this for a while… 2004 to be exact, and here we are, 11 years later, and so much has changed and I’ve grown so much as a person and a writer. It’s been difficult to nail down what I want my blog focus to be because I’m so scattered and all over the place. My first blog had a very specific focus that related to getting pregnant. Well, after years of trying, I did, and then the laments of that blog didn’t seem to fit in with my new life as a busy mom. Then, I decided to start this blog to talk about my new life as a mom, but then I realized that I didn’t want my kids’ business all out there in the world for world consumption (that’s a topic for another blog). THEN, I decided I would make the blog more about me, and what I wanted to share with the world, but between being so busy I never really made the time to actualize all that was in my mind.

Well, now is the time, and I’m dedicating at least one hour a day to blogging and writing, and sharing all that I know in some kind of meaningful way. I have a lot trapped in my brain, and it needs to come out, so I think this will be a great way for me to maintain some kind of sanity and help other people out there see my perspective, and point of view of life here in Arizona.

So, let me reintroduce myself to you if you haven’t been in the fold lately, and to help bring any new readers up to speed.

I’m a military spouse, and have been for nearly 1/2 my life. Why lead with this? Because it’s probably the number one thing that has impacted all my life choices, decisions, moves, places I live, etc. Every choice I have made since 2000 has revolved around this way of life, and it’s had some ups and downs, and it’s almost over. So, now I’m in that place of trying to figure out how life will look after I don’t have this lifestyle anymore.

I have two kids. J is almost 8, C is 7. They are 16 months apart, and I cant’ believe they are almost in double digits. They have amazing little personalities, and my goal in life is to make sure they don’t end up in jail or on the pole and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

I live Phoenix now, but I have lived all around. I’m originally from New Mexico, and I’ve lived in Germany and Guam and traveled to enough places to be able to recognize a good place when I see one.

I work in higher education and I teach college. That’s my profession, but I have so many things that interest me and I’m looking forward to finding that ONE thing that ignites such a fire, it simply just burns.

I love to design things (words, shapes, photos, etc). I like to be creative. I’m a jack of many trades, but a master at none, and I kind of like it that way.

I like social media. Probably way too much. It sucks up a lot of my time, but I like being in the know, and being so far from family and friends it’s a serious way to avoid feeling too isolated.

I’m really into fitness right now and work out 6 days a week. It really helps with the stress of every day life, and the strength you get from working out, both mentally and physically, is so necessary for being focused in life.

Well, that’s the gist. I promise you, this is just the start of something good. Like My FB page,  follow me on Twitter or check out my instagram!




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