Japanischer Style in Germany


When I plan field trips for my little family of three, I look for three criteria: 1) Where I go is stroller friendly 2) Where I go is Kid friendly and 3) Where I go is Truck Friendly. The Japanese Garden near downtown Kaiserslautern fit two of the three criteria (2 and 3) so away I went.

This trip could be be described as a five hour affair that was worthy of a gag reel. At 8am I decided to go. After a long, drawn out breakfast and getting the kids and myself dressed, we were finally ready to go at 10:45am or so. While driving, I toss the kids in the car, grab my coffee and away we go. Five minutes into the trip, Joaquin fell asleep. As we arrived downtown, Camille was passed out. Well, I was going to still try, because I had just made the 15 minute trip. Then, when I got to the Japanese Garden, I realized the only parking was by Gartenschau (the Dino Park and Botanical Garden. Well, that is all well and fine and dandy, but not going to work because I…forgot.the.double.stroller.

Sigh. So, I decide to go back and regroup. The kids has some nap time/quiet time and then we had lunch. We were back on the road again at 1pm ready for action. However, by this time, it was WAY hotter, so I had to make sure I slathered on tons of sunscreen and brought a ton of water.

We trekked to the entry point, paid our 3.50 Euro (kids under 12 are free, bonus) and parked the stroller at the door. You can bring a stroller, but they highly advise against it because of the stairs and pathways. The kids and I had a good time, but by the time we rolled back home, we were pooped!

There were a lot of great things to see here, and many people were there simply strolling around, or enjoying a good book. I was doing neither. Instead, I was chasing after two toddlers with my Nikon, a backpack and a purse! However, we all had tons of fun, took some pictures, and we were able to see some cool watering holes (Japanese Style) in the middle of a hot, hot, hot day in Germany. 

As a side note, I'm ready to get Isla Design Studio up and running again, but back and better than ever! I officially changed the name from Ingenuity Design Studio quite some time ago, but I'm on the *cusp* of designing again. My first big project will be some fourth of July cards and then I will start to work on some fall banners for some web sites. I know some people have been asking me when I'm starting things again, and I feel that I'm *almost* there. I DO know, that I have a couple of my web sites that need to be updated and completed and those will come first. By the fall, I will be taking requests for Holiday cards, etc. But, I'm only doing two or three a month, because the amount of creation time is just too high because of the high level of custom work done for each design. But, I'm going to increase my attention to Photography as well and take it to another level and see where that goes. Nothing professional, but I have had some requests for some photo sessions, and of course I do those for free for those I care about. 🙂

The fact that I'm even thinking about my hobbies is MAJOR because I have been so focused on the move and work. The ability to divide my mind like this is calming and exciting to me all at the same time.

Below are some pics from our Japanischer Garten adventures. Enjoy!

On our way inside













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  1. Paula Seeker says:

    Beautiful ! and you have beautiful children.

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