Honoring Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, a day of remembrance where we take a moment to remember those that died for our country as a member of the armed forces. Not to be confused with Veteran’s Day (which is in November), Memorial Day occurs in May.

I remember, growing up, as Memorial Day being a day of rest, relaxation, barbeques, and going to a cemetery to visit any loved one just to say, “hey, I’m still thinking about you.” I never really fully understood the full scope of Memorial Day until I was far into my 20s. As a military spouse, I finally “got it” and the meaning of Memorial Day has taken on a very different meaning.

Lately, on social media, people are nearly burned at the stake for saying “Happy Memorial Day” as it’s not a day of happiness, but somber remembrance. Does that mean we go sit in a dark pew of a church, light a candle and stay there all day? Is that something that all of the people who died to protect the American way of life would want?

I think  that those that choose to rest, relax, barbecue, and enjoy their day should still do so. I think the American Way of life is something that so many fought to protect. Isn’t the sheer act of being free one of the best ways to honor those that fought to protect that right? The freedom to go to a cemetery, or grill a burger, or go to a pool, or just relax and watch a movie. Those are all things that you should feel okay to do.

HOWEVER, it is still Memorial Day. While is should be a day of family time, or just relaxing and getting your stuff together for the next week, take some time to follow some great ways to remember. MemorialDay2014Lorraine (31 of 52)


Lorraine American Cemetery – May 2014

Every year, it is customary to honor those that have fallen with a minute of silence at 3pm your local time. Also, flags should be flown at half staff. White House Proclamation 2015

Take a moment to look at Faces of the Fallen

Help your kids understand Memorial Day with these activities and conversation starters:

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I hope you have a day filled with remembrance, good times, and most of all, a celebration of all that is amazing about how we live, and the freedoms that we have.






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