Homemade Sunday: Pico de Gallo and Guacamole

One of my main goals over the next year is to create a photo cookbook of all my good recipes and get a color, glossy cookbook printed, get a few copies, save two for my kiddos, keep one in my recipe book cabinet and then maybe give a couple to friends for Christmas. To do this, I'm going to make sure I make only the best recipes on Sunday, take some pictures, type out the recipes, and then document. On here, I'll document what I make on the Sundays.

This past Sunday I broke out a new recipe for this endeavor. My Sister-in-Law Diane gave me The Pioneer Woman Cookbook. It is chock full of good, filling recipes that are meant to please a crowd, and are definitely not low fat. On Sunday, we had crunchy taco night, so I decided to make the Pioneer Woman's Pico De Gallo and Guacamole. 

Below are some pictures I took on my journey of making the Pico and Guac. I rate both five stars (out of five that is) based upon how many "yums" I get from Alex and how many times people go back for seconds.

Jan2010 007

First you make your Pico:

Jan20101 001

Take equal amounts of white onion, roma tomatoes and cilantro:

Jan20101 004

Cut up two Jalapenos (remove the seeds, and wear gloves!)

Jan20101 003

Mix everything together and squeeze in 1/2 a lime and some salt to taste (I used Sea Salt)

Jan20101 005 

There is your Pico! Yum

Jan20101 009 

Now, make your Guacamole

Jan20101 006 

Now cut up two Avocados and mix them with your Mix and Chop:

Jan20101 007 

Right now, some of you are like, "let me grab my Mix and Chop". However, some of you are like, "what is a mix and chop?" A Pampered Chef mix and chop is one the most essential items you will use in your kitchen. If you don't have one, buy one and thank me later. 

Then add in some Pico to Taste in the Avocado and BAM, there is your Guacamole!

Jan20101 010

It was a WINNER! Jackpot. By far the easiest I've ever made.

Thank you Pioneer Woman!

xo, Rhea


  1. Lorena Taylor says:

    Yummy!!! I make mine almost the same. I use a little of olive oil & lemon & my avocado I cut up in squares like a tomatoe… It always disappears!

  2. Ahem…only friends might get a copy of your glossy turn as a cookbook author? Help a sista out…just sayin’? (Hee Hee)
    Glad you like the book. PW is definitely some crazy good, too. Happy cooking…

  3. Of course you will get one D. It will be super crazy good!

  4. Carolynne says:

    Is there an alternative to a mix & chop? They don’t have Pampered Chef over here…

  5. Just a masher if you don’t have a mix and chop! I may have to bring you one when I come to Europe!

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