Gifts to give that wont be trashed, or outgrown


So, I blinked, and it’s November 28th, and that means we have less than 30 days to Christmas, ya’ll. Now, it’s the mad dash to figure out a whole lot of stuff in a short period of time, and NOT get completely overwhelmed. I don’t know about all of you, but trying to make sure the kids aren’t disappointed in the stuff they do/get over the holidays is my number one stressor. We all know we don’t want to get them a ton of stuff they won’t use, but we don’t want their Christmas to be ridiculous and empty.

Sigh… I know I walk the toy aisle shelves, and see toys and games, and etc and start doing the math in my head. $25 here, $30 there, $5 here. Next thing you know, you are at $250 per kid, and up. THEN, you start to do the depreciation math. $3 sold a garage sale here, $5 for a video game trade in there, and next thing you know, you freaking spent about $500 and maybe got $20 back for it all after you sell it one day or give it to Goodwill. Just like every year, I’m trying to focus on gifts that won’t be trashed.

I’m using the 4 Gift Christmas Strategy (something to wear, something to read, something they want, something they need) this year that a lot of people do, and then supplementing it with a few other things that they won’t just give away next year, and most of all a few quality EXPERIENCES (like looking at lights, parades, hometown events, etc).

So, here are some ideas of things that your kids WON’T throw away, and you won’t be tempted to GIVE away during a black trash bag operation in their rooms! You can get all of this for $100 and they won’t be shoved under a bed one day, and piss you off.

  1. A really nice blanket. $25. I’m not talking the $5 fleece at Walmart that pills and sheds, I’m talking a nice faux fur or microfiber blanket, or one that is made of really soft material. My favorite place to pick up blankets like these is Tuesday Morning, or Homegoods. Also, has a lot of great options. You can get a really great one for $25. My kids love their higher quality blankets, and they will stand the test of time.
  2. A toy/video game/bookcase ORGANIZER. $30 Yep, buy something to organize the toys they already have. This is something that you won’t throw away, because it will help you. The trick here, is to make it fun, so make it hold another, much less expensive gift. So, if you give a bookcase, go pick up 10 books from the thrift store for $1 each to get it started. You can pick up a reasonably priced bookcase at Ikea, or stalk your local OfferUp app, or yardsale page on facebook to pick one up on the cheap and just refinish it and make it match your kids room. So, let’s say you pick up a bookcase for $15, spend $5 to refinish, and stock with some books for $10. You just spent $35 for something that you will NOT throw away for quite some time and will have use to you. Another REALLY great idea are personalized cubes from Thirty-One. I hae one for C, and I love it and that thing will make it’s way to college. I will never give it away, and neither will she. Way less than Pottery Barn, and still super cute. The cool thing about Thirty-One is that they always have great deals going on and you get more for your buck.
  3. A new wallet with cash and a gift card. $30 This is a winner for a lot of reasons. Any kid that I know, at any age, LOVES money, and the ability to buy their own things. However, giving them a new wallet to hold it will teach them useful life skills (how to keep track of their cash, how to manage cards). Woo hoo! A gift that you won’t give away (at least until next Christmas) and then a way for them to organize any gift cards they get at Christmas or birthday, or allowance money. You can get a cute kid wallet for $5-15 and then add some cash, and a gift card to their favorite store (but, my recommendation is Barnes and Noble because they will be more likely to choose a book, and who doesn’t want more books!)
  4. A nice piece of age appropriate jewelry. $10 The Kids Jewelry area of Etsy is AMAZING! You can find some really unique pieces ranging from $5-$25. I personally LOVE this bracelet, and your little girl will too, and it’s only $10: Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 7.57.32 AM
  5. New Personalized Towels. $20-$30. You may say, I already have a ton of towels. But, who doesn’t love NEW towels with their names on them. We all do, and your kids do too, regardless of age. Here is yet another time you head on over to Etsy, and search Personalized Towels. Boom. They have towels for every age set known to man. Does your husband need a new golf towel, they have those too. Does your mom want a towel with all the grandkids names on it? Got it. The good thing here is that you are supporting small business, and if you get a few done, you can ask for a special deal.

I hope this gave you some neat ideas for the holidays. I’m really going to try this year to do better, not buy a bunch of plastic junk and buy stuff they will care about. Leave in the comments area some of your favorite things to give the will NOT end up at the Goodwill.

Until next time…

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