Forks over Knives

Well, after weeks of being virtually prodded by Janelle, I made the leap and rented Forks over Knives. Anything that can turn my fellow cookbook loving, garbage bread making, prime rib slinging friend vegan was something I needed to investigate. I’ve watched documentaries like this one in the past, and like others, it makes you think, shows you that what you eat sucks, and that you need to back away from fast food. Well, I really don’t eat a lot of fast food. But, I do like to go out to restaurants of dubious nature (Chili’s, etc). I also LOVE Chinese food (um, mystery, low grade meat?). Above all that, I LOVE ethic foods that involve a lot of meats. Carne Asada tacos…Chicken Enchiladas…Green Chili stew, etc. I’m from NM for crying out loud. If it doesn’t have something that once lived in sauce, it’s just not the same.

But, then came the nightmares. ALL last night, I had scary dreams about what I was eating! I had one dream where I was roaming around the supermarket desperately trying to find soy, and could not find some, but then I finally found some and my kids were malnourished. Then, there was another dream with a bunch of cows chasing me down.

As I made my egg white omelet this morning, I was plagued by immense guilt like I was just putting plain ‘ol poison in my body.

Sigh, so clearly, I feel somewhat convicted, but how convicted do I feel? Being a Vegetarian is tough. However, being a Vegan is way tougher.Bye Cheese. Bye Milk. Bye Eggs. Bye Dairy. Think about how many things you buy that contain dairy, or that you need to MAKE things like pancakes. I mean, if we do this, it will be a very time conscious event for a while.

Then, the cost. It’s SO expensive to eat completely organically, gluten-free, etc. The gluten free wheat pasta is $4 where the regular kind is $1.29. But, can you put a price on health? I suppose it is far cheaper to eat well, then deal with the repercussions later on.

Next, my cookbook collection! If I go Vegan what the heck will happen to my illustrious cookbook collection. I recently bought the latest Southern Living heritage cookbook and the new Pioneer Woman cookbook. Each page has mouthwatering delights. Vegan recipes? Perhaps 4.

Again, I would not have really seriously considered watching Fork over Knives without knowing that Janelle went Vegan after watching it. She’s one of the few cooks I truly admire, and to know that she’s making it work made me think…

Well, I’m going to the commissary today and start looking a few options. We’ll see how this transitions over time. I’m going to do it naturally, and see how I can phase out dairy. I’ll keep the blog posted.

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