Cows, Kids and Horses Pt. 2

Back in 2012, I wrote a blog post about the walks that we go on around here, and they really have not ended. When the weather cooperates, we love to walk around in our neighborhood. It is the number one thing I will miss about my village. I can literally walk about 1 minute and be in forest, walk on paths, and see a lot of serious nature. Cows, people on horses, snails and bugs galore.

Yesterday, we went on a walk, and A snagged his bike because he felt like taking his trail bike for a spin and I grabbed the camera at the last minute. Last Wednesday I went on a walk without my phone or camera and it was like I had this nervous twitch, at first, because it was gorgeous, but it was really nice to enjoy the walk, and not be encumbered by equipment. This time, I traveled as light as I could to get some pictures of the magical cows I try to capture every year.

First, these are some serious free range cows enjoying the German countryside. There are the cows and the calfs and they looks so peaceful and sirene. The best part is, you can get RIGHT up on them:

WalkWithTheCows (2 of 14)


WalkWithTheCows (3 of 14)


WalkWithTheCows (1 of 14)

WalkWithTheCows (9 of 14)

WalkWithTheCows (4 of 14)

It seriously makes me want to go back to being a Vegan. It’s very difficult to interact with something you eat like this…. I have no idea how people have chicken coops. I seriously would not be able to eat a chicken breast every again once these chickens became my friend.

Seriously, this baby cow.

WalkWithTheCows (8 of 14)

I also snapped up some great family shots as well.

WalkWithTheCows (7 of 14)

WalkWithTheCows (10 of 14)

And a gorgeous pic of the sidelines…

WalkWithTheCows (13 of 14)

I don’t do B/W a lot, but I am trying to do a few more of them for the family pics for this collage business I am working on right now.

WalkWithTheCows (14 of 14)

Seriously, best family ever right here. I could not ask for anything more.



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