Ah, Sweet Freedom

Every now and again, I run into an intense life situation that I am released from that prompts me to play this song because I love it, and I love Michael McDonald. Today is one of those days. I always play it about 30 minutes after, and immediately feel the biggest sense of relief. I hope that this weekend, you are freed from whatever difficult situation that has been dragging you down, and stopping you from being the best version of you. Stay classy my friends... and find your freedom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im74LVYF3Tk … [Read more...]

Weekly Wrap Up – Get Yo Life!

Girl, you betta get yo life! What does that even mean? I had to look it up. I have heard it, and I kind of knew what it meant. But, as in most trendy issues, I always figure stuff out when it's old. Anyway, Get yo life, means GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER! For the second week of January, I am sharing a bit about this entire thought process, and my goal setting and achievement strategy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXOu7oqRqFk All aspects of my life have been somewhat messy for a while (emotional, physical, spatial, educational... you name it). But, the second week of January was a moment where I sat down and wrote out the master plan for 2015 and what that will REALLY look like. 1) It will involve me spending more time on myself. 2) It will involve me tracking every penny I spend and eliminating unnecessary spending. This means a check register. GASP! I also want to start investing this year in my companies. 3) It will involve me picking ONE main passion project in life … [Read more...]

Weekly Wrap Up – First week of January

I think I'll start writing the weekly wrap ups again, to document all the best stuff from last week that didn't really deserve it's own post, but warrants some kind of discussion. In his week's wrap up, Glee, Taken 3 (no spoilers), Furious 7, Mob Wives, the Advocare 24 day challenge, and the Christmas takedown struggle. First up, Taken 3. I have a saying that the first and third movie of a trilogy will always be the best. Taken three keeps my theory going strong. The first movie was a surprise, sleeper hit. Of course we knew Liam Neeson could kick ass, but we didn't know he could kick THAT much ass. The second move was so so... I watched it mainly because they traipsed around Istanbul, one of my favorite cities. The third. Um. Well, I cried a few times! But, there are a few lessons learned/confirmed from Taken 3: 1. Sometimes the people you have known and trusted the longest are the first to stab in you in the back. 2. Even the weakest person can have redemption (that … [Read more...]