The Failure to Maintain

Ay yi yi! This is my mantra for the week. Just when you think a situation can't get worse, or stupider, it does. Today was like an exercise in pure futility. I had to run about 4 unplanned errands, I spent about 4 hours in the car shuffling all around the KMC, and I felt like crap while doing it. Add to all of this a poorly planned outfit, no make up, and a grumpy little five year old in tow. Normally, I have my crap more together, but today was just so disconcerting. Everyone on base was openly talking about the government just shutting down. There was a general sense of frustration, discontent, and anger in the air. Lots and lots of people were furloughed today. C's gymnastics classes were cancelled, the pool was closed, J's soccer was cancelled, the libraries closed or went to minimum manning. AFN (our TV, and connection to home) went off the air. It was a day when our little world in the KMC just kind of halted, and everyone looked around to see who was the last one … [Read more...]

What I Will Miss The Most About Breaking Bad

Ah, finally, the fervor that is Breaking Bad has ended, and it was an AMAZING ride. For me, Breaking Bad was not only a very well-written show with amazing actors, but it was also a little glimpse into a world that I left behind. Each week, I'd look for little snippets of Albuquerque, my hometown. You can almost smell the roasting Green Chile wafting through the air when you watch Breaking Bad. During the final episode, I realized that this is the ONE thing I will miss the most about Breaking Bad going away. I can't see the inside of Gardunos, or Jesse waiting for the bus on Central. The desert scenes.  While they show, well, the desert, they made me long for amazing desert sunsets. Or, what about the scene at the Dog House, or even Walt and Skyler's house, which is such a typical ABQ home in the Heights with an amazing view of the Sandias. Let's not forget Hank and Marie's house which has that perfect new adobe style that so many houses in the country will never adopt. Finally, … [Read more...]

Another Little Milestone – The Isla Golf Foursome

On Saturday, we packed up the kids, and headed about 30 minutes away to the Baumholder Rolling Hills Golf Course. We decided to head up there and try our hand at all golfing together as a family, and it was loads of fun. The course is a nine-hole course, and has some amazing views that you don't get on the Woodlawn course here at Ramstein. Also, it's really family friendly, and down to earth. It's a really low stress course to play. Ramstein is a very non-kid friendly course. They are way too hoity-toity down in this parts. I keep saying that Why was Saturday a milestone for us? Well, it's the first time we could go out and do something as a family that we haven't normally been able to do before. Usually, Alex goes, I want to go, J can't go, and C is way too small to go! Well, as the kids get older, they are actually #1) old enough to go on courses now, and 2) they actually play the game. We both want them to grow up to be very proficient golfers. Beyond golf being a fun game to … [Read more...]

What you may not know about Common Core…

Ay yi yi! Last week was a huge week for me learning more about the common core standards that are being implemented in many of our schools across the nation. J is also learning Common Core in DoDDS (a little bit at least), but it's not 1/2 as crazy as it is in the States, because I think DoDDS will take a while to fully implement. However, I think it's all starting to come to a head right now for many people in the States. The homework is frustrating for parents and kids. Teachers are trying to figure out how to unlearn all they learned, and teach in a new way. Administrators aren't really providing the right kinds of answers to support the changes. Lawmakers are already pulling out of the programs. So, let's talk about why Common Core was adopted in the first place. When you stand back, and look at Common Core, it makes SO much sense! Why shouldn't Amy, with a family income of $50k per year, learn the same things as Amanda, that has a family income of $200k a year. Shouldn't … [Read more...]

Visual Storytelling

For a while, I have been trying to actually pin down what I love, what I'm good at, and what defines me as a creative person. Every phrase I have seen has been very limiting, and do not really tell the entire story. I know I love to look at pretty things. I like to take pictures of pretty and interesting things. I like to design things. I LOVE to document my history in a visual way through various means (pictures, scrapbooks, etc). Above all, I love to create something that has some kind of lasting impact on someone. I can't really say I'm a photographer. I like to take pictures. Sometimes, they are great, sometimes they are flawed, but I know I don't have the education or equipment to call myself one. I love to design, but I know that there are several limitations to what I know and what I can do.  Same with web site design. I LOVE to design web sites, but it takes me way too long just because it's still a hobby sport. I can't say I am a full fledged anything (except trainer, … [Read more...]