a tisket… a tasket… and empty Target basket

Earlier in the week, or maybe it was last week... (who knows, all these days run together sometimes), Target announced that it would support inclusion of all people and support transgendered members of our communities with the ability to choose the bathroom that is aligned with their gender identity. This makes perfect sense, and has been happening for years, without incident, and without problem. But, now that it’s become a statement and a firm point of view, there have been calls to #BoycottTarget because of their stance. People say Target is not protecting women and girls from predators that slip on a woman’s dress and just waltz right in the bathroom and have their way with all the people in there. To all of this, I say, why is this something new that you are concerned about? Was this something that was not included in your home training packet when you grew up? Was it not ingrained in you in college to go to the bathroom with other girls to be safe? It was for me. One of the … [Read more...]

Honoring Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, a day of remembrance where we take a moment to remember those that died for our country as a member of the armed forces. Not to be confused with Veteran's Day (which is in November), Memorial Day occurs in May. I remember, growing up, as Memorial Day being a day of rest, relaxation, barbeques, and going to a cemetery to visit any loved one just to say, "hey, I'm still thinking about you." I never really fully understood the full scope of Memorial Day until I was far into my 20s. As a military spouse, I finally "got it" and the meaning of Memorial Day has taken on a very different meaning. Lately, on social media, people are nearly burned at the stake for saying "Happy Memorial Day" as it's not a day of happiness, but somber remembrance. Does that mean we go sit in a dark pew of a church, light a candle and stay there all day? Is that something that all of the people who died to protect the American way of life would want? I think  that those that choose … [Read more...]

Paul Walker

Living in Europe, I always seems to wake up to news that someone has passed because of the time difference. It's not a great way to start your day! Death, is inevitable for us all, and it's just a matter of when. Sadly, for Paul Walker, from Fast and the Furious fame, this came WAY too soon. The first Fast and the Furious movie came out in 2001, when A and I were in Guam. 12 years ago. Ever since then, I was HOOKED! See, I LOVE CAR MOVIES... F&F, Gone in 50 seconds, Cannonball Run, Smokey & the Bandit... all that! LOVE car movies where they race around, evade the bad guys, etc. So, clearly F&F is a staple around here. When it comes time to watch a new one, A always rolls his eyes, and "reluctantly" sits down to watch it with me. I say reluctantly, because he secretly loves them too. The plot may be full of holes, and it may be total fluff, but there is something about fast cars, speed, hot guys and gals and a caper. It's just great entertainment. The F&F franchise … [Read more...]

And it’s here!!! Thanksgiving 2013

Finally! It's here! Thanksgiving! I have a special fondness for Thanksgiving. It's a day to enjoy what you have, reflect on those you miss, and those that share a special place in your heart. It's a time to be thankful for things we have, and try to think about ways that we can become better people. Over on Facebook  a lot of people have been saying daily what they are thankful for, but I chose to wait until today to share all of that with the world. Because it helps to keep it all organized. 1) I'm thankful for my kids. They are the little mini me's running around this around this world, and they help me see myself through a different lens. As the years click by, I realize how little time I have left with them at home. I dread the first thanksgiving they don't come home, or go do something else. That will be weird. So, I want them to know right now (or reading this entry in 12 years), that if they start pulling that crap, I'll start taking a cruise to a tropical island every … [Read more...]

Veteran’s Day 2013

For Veteran's day, this year, we went to the American Military Cemetery in Luxembourg. I've had the privilege of visiting twice before today, but I have never been to the Veteran's Day Ceremony. I was changed. It was an amazing experience for myself, my children, and for my husband. The Ceremony took place on the 11th day, of the 11th month, at the 11th hour to commemorate the Armistice. We have vowed to always to ensure we experience more opportunities to know more about Veteran's, help more veterans, and make this day truly, a day of remembrance. I wish I could share all of the ceremony with you, but I took limited pictures, and no video. I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could. When the national anthem rang in the tall chapel, I could barely hold back the tears. Some facts about this cemetery: General George S. Patton is buried here. His birthday is Nov. 11. So, this is a great chance to celebrate his birthday, as well. From the wall in the visitors … [Read more...]