Gifts to give that wont be trashed, or outgrown

So, I blinked, and it's November 28th, and that means we have less than 30 days to Christmas, ya'll. Now, it's the mad dash to figure out a whole lot of stuff in a short period of time, and NOT get completely overwhelmed. I don't know about all of you, but trying to make sure the kids aren't disappointed in the stuff they do/get over the holidays is my number one stressor. We all know we don't want to get them a ton of stuff they won't use, but we don't want their Christmas to be ridiculous and empty. Sigh... I know I walk the toy aisle shelves, and see toys and games, and etc and start doing the math in my head. $25 here, $30 there, $5 here. Next thing you know, you are at $250 per kid, and up. THEN, you start to do the depreciation math. $3 sold a garage sale here, $5 for a video game trade in there, and next thing you know, you freaking spent about $500 and maybe got $20 back for it all after you sell it one day or give it to Goodwill. Just like every year, I'm trying to focus on … [Read more...]

Goodwill Clearance Center. You must go.

Earlier today, I did a Periscope about the GOODNESS of the Goodwill Outlet. People. You have NO idea what you are missing here. If you are a frugal family, dedicated shopper and love the thrill of the hunt, then, this place is for you! As promised on my earlier 'Scope, here is the list of ALL the Goodwill clearance centers in the US. Did you miss the scope? You can find it here for the next 11 hours or so. I'll do another video soon, and upload it to my YouTube. Promise.   … [Read more...]