The OA on Netflix… That final episode… (spoilers, you were warned)

So, like much of the free world right now, we binged the OA over the holiday season. Much like Making a Murderer last December, this show consumed us in a big way and it was difficult to peel our butts off the couch. I'm going to write this blog from the perspective that you have already watched the show, and you are not seeking a cliff's notes version to the show. You MUST watch the show. It's excellent, but also had a million plot holes that the interwebs have been trying to go over and over for the past two week and it's causing a ton of arguments. The main argument is... was Prairie's story real? Whether you believe this or not directly impacts how you felt about the final episode. If you believe it was fake all along, then the final episode makes no sense, but if the story was real, it makes all the sense. Before we go anywhere else... I cried during the final episode. When they got up and started doing the movements in unison, I bawled. It's what Prairie had been saying … [Read more...]