10 on the 10

Recently, I joined a great group of photographers that have a goal of doing 10 pictures that all reflect one day of your life. Then, on the 10th of the month, you post the pictures. The purpose is two fold: start taking more pictures of your own family and gain more practice with the camera. Well, today, February was my first time participating, and it was indeed quite the challenge. I lead a pretty hectic life (who doesn't!), so taking the time to stop and take pictures kind of interrupted the flow of things, but I caught some great pictures that I normally would have breezed right by. Hopefully, I can include these in my yearly yearbook efforts in their own section. First, right after dropping J off at school, C took a break on the sofa to reconnect with her DS before we started Homeschool (aka known as Mom School). Next, I grabbed my second cup of coffee and kept reading Rick Steves' London. I made some loosey goosey reservations for London in April, but I am still not quite … [Read more...]