Blog Hiatus Over… Here’s the 2016 recap

I know, you are reading this, and probably SHOCKED you are reading this. I took a long hiatus from this blog on purpose back in April 2016. I had a lot going on, and I really wanted to step away from this blog and plan a new direction and path for it. Well, 8 months later, I really have no new direction or path for it. It has to be what it is, and always has been, and that is simply a collection of thoughts that I have on different topics about which I am passionate. I've had a regular blog since 2004. It was time for a break, but now it's time to jump back in, and revitalize, and what better way than to catch everyone back up about 2016. I don't have a lot to say about 2016 other than it was a year that I had a lot of extreme personal growth. It was one of those years where I grew up a lot and become more of a grown up and an adult. Sad to say, I'm nearly 40, and still having to get to that point, but alas, here I am. I created more personal boundaries for myself, my family, … [Read more...]

What is your missing piece in life?

Everyone has a huge gap between where they are, and where they want to be, but they cannot quite figure out how to get from point A to point B. There is that missing piece. Sometimes you know the missing piece. It can be a degree. It might be more personal motivation. It might be more information about a topic. It might be money. It could be a baby. You may want to own a home. The ability to travel more. It could be better relationships with those you love or a deeper relationship with God. It most cases, we have identified the piece, but we either lack the resources, time, energy to reach it. Because, honestly, if we all had the missing pieces, we would all be super happy, right?   So, we can't figure out how to get the missing piece that will lead us to that place, and THEN, we get sad because we feel we are running out of time to get the piece. Also, some of of find what we think looks like the piece, but it's only a close replica. I mean, how many times have you … [Read more...]

1 thing to do today: Implement

Are you the type of person that has a million different tabs open on your computer? I know I am. Right now, as I type this post I have Facecook, my work outlook, Flickr, Google Calendar, Pinterest, YouTubeanother facebook tab, and then this window. THEN, I have some various programs open, like Lightroom, Photoshop, Spotify, Excel, Messages, PowerPoint. OMG, it's tiring. But, you get the idea. When you are trying to keep up, you have a lot of tabs open, but you aren't really DOING anything. So, the new Sunday strategy that I'm trying to implement moving forward it to focus on only TWO things on Sunday and use the day not for research, dreaming and hoping, but for implementation. Just like you, I have a million great ideas. The ideas are incredibly varied and range from organizing my pantry to some business ideas to the next big blog post. But, I never sit down and actually do. So, do me a favor today, and every other Sunday. Take your ideas and pick ONE. Then, do something … [Read more...]

5 Important Goals to Set this Holiday Season

Hello October! The crisp, cool, fall air is here. The wind lapping at our cheeks. The need for cute knee high boots arises. Oh wait, that's everywhere else other than where I live! Ha! It's 100 degrees, and we are still at the pool! Gotta love Phoenix! Anyhoo, the rest of you are probably finding that October is a time of happiness as we head into the holiday season. It's a time of candy, baking, eating, family, food and fun. But, it's also the one month that really impacts how you are going to feel on January 1, 2016 when you are writing out your resolution list. So, do yourself a favor and review your 2016 goals now, and what the next three months need to look like for you to get your new year off to a great start! Here are five ways you can prepare now to avoid  having a crappy January 2016. Watch the food that comes in your house. You know what I mean. You stop and buy a bag of candy here, some candy there. You bring home some food from a potluck. You start buying more … [Read more...]