Gym, School, Work – The Mom Bermuda Triangle

Ah, summer. You are rapidly coming to a close, and all of your easy, laid back days, and late nights, is coming to a rapid close. Now, it's time for people to go back to work, back to school, back to the true grind. So, that usually means, something has got to give, and something we love to do is going to go. Summer, 2015, we will miss you so. For the past 10 months, I have been working out pretty steadily, but things hit a frenzied rush in the summer. We could take later classes because there were later bedtimes. Kids didn't have homework during my coveted Monday 4:30pm Circuit class. Long workouts followed by a sauna, a dip in the pool, and a long leisurely chat with friends. All of that is about to change, and as I was chatting with some friends today, I realized that we are all about to get royally screwed with the new school year back in session. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know this is time management 101, and you can make time to work out, or do whatever it is that brings you … [Read more...]

Talking to the kids about Baltimore

In my house, we lead a pretty secluded life from the "outside world". I don't have the news on, at all. I get all my news from online via my phone, or a laptop. I do this for a reason. I have tried to keep my kids away from all the noise going on in society, and filter what they see, hear and know until they are a little older, and can really discern fact from fiction, and not be overwhelmed with everything. I want them to maintain, and hold on, to that precious innocence for as long as possible, I guess. I know it will only last a few more years, but those are years they never get back of thinking everyone is the same (kinda), no one hates you for no reason, and everyone can get along if they just hug it all out. Now that they are in school, I find that a lot of things that I try to keep away from the kids, they pick up at school. They talk about things that are in the news more often now, or see things in the random commercial that slips in on Cartoon Network. What is going on … [Read more...]

Permanent plans for your temporary emotions?

Today, my friend Emily posted this quote on her facebook: “Don’t make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion.” ~Unknown This small little sentence really spoke to me right now. I think that too often, we make decisions based upon the temporary satisfaction that we will receive, and while it will temporarily satisfy you, long term, it's a bad bad choice. I have been having this dilemma a lot lately. I think that as you get older, you start to realize that your time on this earth is becoming fairly limited, and you want to start making all the right kinds of choices and decisions that will be better for you later down the road. So often, we are driven by some kind of emotion that fuels us, that we make bad decisions. However, I do really believe that nothing is really, truly, permanent. You can always make the best out of a bad situation, or turn things around. A large part of why I write in this blog is to leave my kids with something to take with them … [Read more...]