Second Week of Homeschool – 9/9/2013

The second week of homeschool ends today, and today, we have not done much but catch up on some cleaning, some errands and figuring out what to make for dinner tonight. I'm wiped. Just mentally, emotionally, physically. I have not been able to catch much steam this week, and I feel semi defeated. Not with the homeschool, per se, but just with life. Hence, this is one of the things that will clearly be a struggle. When the teacher is simply too tired to teach, and the breaks are few and far between, how do you gain and keep stamina? However, I power though, and we made some great progress this week. We are working on Dolch words, and practicing handwriting this week. We are also doing some simple counting and math and simply reviewing what C knew from PreK. The one thing we are doing more of is writing sentences using the Dolch words, and reading at least three books every session and two at night. C's words for this week were The, Is, My, and And. Easy enough, right. :) … [Read more...]

First Week of Homeschool – Our Curriculum

Well, this is it, the first full official week of homeschool for C is over.  The end of each week, I plan on doing a little update to discuss our struggles, highlights, and things that we are doing in our little homeschool. First things first.... As many know, I am a reluctant homeschooling mom. I wrote about this in a previous post . C missed the school cutoff for Kindergarten by 25 days. Ehhhhhh. And, there is no testing out of that at all. I'm more than positive that she would have tested in if given the chance, as she has done pre-school and pre-k. Therefore, it's a little sad that she missed this cutoff. This week was a little sad for me as I saw all the pics of the kids in her class going to school, and sitting at their little desks, and just doing what they were prepared to do. If given the option to redshirt C on my own, I would not have done it. However, here we are in a situation where we did, and she'll be nearly 6 going into K, and probably doing first or second grade … [Read more...]

My Isla Homeschool: Under Construction

This summer is a huge summer of transition for me. First, I am not working full time anymore. I work part-time, and I still teach as an adjunct. I have a few design projects and web sites that are in development, and I'm writing some content. All in all, it's pretty relaxing summer. The kids and I are getting a lot of of play and fun time in, and I'm trying to spend more quality time with my husband. However, the one BIG project I have going on, is the one many do not know I am doing, and that is working on creating a kindergarten homeschool for C next year. I am what you would call a reluctant homeschooler. When my kids were born, I never said, "I can't wait to school my kids at home, full time, with no break." In fact, both of my kids have attended part-time preschool and pre-k since they were 2.  I am a firm believer in socialization in this world, and being exposed to different types of thoughts. As an educator, and teacher, this is something I highly value. However, this fall, … [Read more...]