Quite simply, it’s the day to day life of myself and my family. Life is the world’s best classroom, and the title of this blog shows that every experience is usually new. Maybe one day later, It will be Isla 201, but it’s still 101.

My name is Rhea. I’m Crystal to some. Mommy to two, and wifey to one and sister wife to none (isn’t that all the rage these days?). I work. A lot. I realized a long time ago that idle hands are no good, so I try to stay as busy as possible. Well, I got my wish.

By default, I’m a full time mommy now to two impossibly cute kids. I have worked in Higher Education for nearly 14 years, and honestly cannot see myself in any other field. I love education. I knew from the very first day I stepped foot in a college classroom that I would be a professor, and I am. I work with faculty, and I consult others on how to increase the effectiveness of their polices and practices.

By night, I design, I create, I envision. It’s the artistic side of me that comes out in full force. However, it is often difficult for me to put my creative plans in action.  I like creativity that is orderly, and this is not always the case. I’m working on it.

I take pictures, and it’s a passionate hobby of mine. One day, I hope to have an art show with my work. I have tried all kinds of photography, and I have realized that I love to take pictures of people in social situations and document landmarks in our world.

I admin an amazing mommy board of nearly 100 members, and we all have one common thread in that we have kids born in 2007. For the past 8 years, we have been together as an amazing group of women. I am privileged.

Did I mention I’m a Military Wife! Yep, that’s the craziest role every because you are constantly moving, seeing, exploring and there area  lot of ups and downs. However, it’s my life, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Sometimes life does not always go as planned, and often has depressing or crazy detours. All we can do is learn from these events, pray to God that he will have mercy on our souls, and understand the true powers of love, faith, family, friends and passions. This is Isla 101.