5 Important Goals to Set this Holiday Season

hello-october-2Hello October! The crisp, cool, fall air is here. The wind lapping at our cheeks. The need for cute knee high boots arises. Oh wait, that’s everywhere else other than where I live! Ha! It’s 100 degrees, and we are still at the pool! Gotta love Phoenix!

Anyhoo, the rest of you are probably finding that October is a time of happiness as we head into the holiday season. It’s a time of candy, baking, eating, family, food and fun. But, it’s also the one month that really impacts how you are going to feel on January 1, 2016 when you are writing out your resolution list. So, do yourself a favor and review your 2016 goals now, and what the next three months need to look like for you to get your new year off to a great start!

Here are five ways you can prepare now to avoid  having a crappy January 2016.

  1. Watch the food that comes in your house. You know what I mean. You stop and buy a bag of candy here, some candy there. You bring home some food from a potluck. You start buying more pumpkin spice EVERYTHING at Starbucks. Before you do it, think about moderation. I’m a huge fan of enjoying the season, but do not go crazy here. The food is harder to get out of your house than you think. As you buy candy for your trick or treaters, make a goal of having it ONLY for your trick or treaters. Keep the bags at work, or somewhere else out of sight and mind.
  2. Drink water. During the holiday season, I always stop drinking as much water as I normally do. As things cool down, you may feel that you do not need as much. Wrong. You need it, and more to help keep your system flushed and keep pesky illnesses at bay. Keep drinking water like it’s your part time job.
  3. Make your holiday list now, and start shopping. If you have not already started shopping for your Christmas gifts you should start this week. Sit down with some coffee, or your favorite hot chocolate, put on some Christmas music and write down everyone that you are going to be giving gifts to this year. Think about what you want to give them and shop for that gift. If you know you want to give Aunt Sally a necklace this year, write it down, and shop ONLY for the necklace. Once you get it, wrap it, address it, and if you have to mail it, put it in the box with a note of when you need to send it. How will this help you have a better January 1, 2016? Well, it will keep you inside your budget and avoid a lot of last minute purchases on credit cards, higher shipping costs because you waited, and a lot of stress at the last minute.
  4. Don’t stop hitting the gym. During the holidays, the motivation is really low to get to your favorite spin class, or go run or lift. It’s a MUST. Working out is one of the best ways to keep stress at bay, and keep your body running the way it needs to. If you are currently working out 5 days a week, and drop to 2, you will drop to 1 that week before Christmas. Stay strong! Get some work out buddies and keep each other accountable to the schedule. Also, it’s a great time to get to the gym! It’s empty because everyone else is out running around shopping!
  5. And lastly, enjoy your season. Nothing is worse than getting to January 1, and feeling like the holidays were a blur that you did not enjoy. Determine what you want your holidays to look like, and make it happen. Do you want to read more holiday stories with your kids? Do you want to bake more as a family? Do you want to make sure you go to the Pumpkin patch a few times? What do you envision your holidays to be? Make them warm, make them loving, and make them memorable.

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