10 on the 10

Recently, I joined a great group of photographers that have a goal of doing 10 pictures that all reflect one day of your life. Then, on the 10th of the month, you post the pictures. The purpose is two fold: start taking more pictures of your own family and gain more practice with the camera. Well, today, February was my first time participating, and it was indeed quite the challenge. I lead a pretty hectic life (who doesn’t!), so taking the time to stop and take pictures kind of interrupted the flow of things, but I caught some great pictures that I normally would have breezed right by. Hopefully, I can include these in my yearly yearbook efforts in their own section.

First, right after dropping J off at school, C took a break on the sofa to reconnect with her DS before we started Homeschool (aka known as Mom School).

2_10_14 10 on 10 (1 of 10)

Next, I grabbed my second cup of coffee and kept reading Rick Steves’ London. I made some loosey goosey reservations for London in April, but I am still not quite sold. It’s difficult to keep traveling when we do not yet know where we are going. This morning was my NYC Starbucks. I collect these, and normally the one that I pick reflects the one that I most want to be in on any given morning. I was in an NYC mood for sure today.

2_10_14 10 on 10 (3 of 10)

While taking the picture of the coffee and book, I spied the bowl of uneaten oatmeal. It wasn’t C’s favorite, so it was quickly abandoned, and not taken to the kitchen. It was also living amongst the pile of crap that is ALWAYS on my dining room table. Why is there a roll of TP on the table? With kids, you may never know…

2_10_14 10 on 10 (2 of 10)

Next, I went upstairs to do some cardio. I have resorted back to my old faithful, Turbo Fire, to really start this process of leaning out. Afterwards, I poured a huge protein/PB2 shake and kept it moving. I have been really good at drinking at least one of these, per day, right after my workout. I actually started a habit and stuck with it!

2_10_14 10 on 10 (4 of 10)

While in the kitchen making my shake, C wandered in for yet another band-aid for her finger she cut last night. I cannot, for the life of me, even figure out how she cut it. Of course, she has NO idea. However, it has been in hot band-aid rotation around here since last night.

2_10_14 10 on 10 (5 of 10)

After band-aid duty, I collected my AFN (satellite receiver) box and just scooped it up. It was having issues for months, and now, it does not work at all. With such little time to go here in Germany, I am not even going to bother figuring out how to fix it, or the dish. We hardly used it, but it’s still annoying. I put it on the stairs to remind me to call the AFN help desk to figure out how to properly dispose of it.


2_10_14 10 on 10 (10 of 10)

After dealing with the AFN issue, I strolled downstairs to deal with yet MORE laundry.

2_10_14 10 on 10 (9 of 10)

The rain. Today it rained non stop, and the other day it was so windy, all the pots and planters just flew across my courtyard. ๐Ÿ™

2_10_14 10 on 10 (7 of 10)

After putting away my groceries I bought earlier, it was time to go pick up the J. He came and plopped on the sofa, and I thought he’d be a great subject for today.

He mimicked me. These kids. This is the blurry, out of focus one, but too good not to post. He just laughs at me and the camera. It’s funny that now, all he see is my face behind this lens… always documenting. However, one day, when he has access to these blogs, and the yearbooks, and I am long gone, he will see what I had been seeing for years, and that is my perfect family. ๐Ÿ™‚

J, the comedian

Last pic was afternoon homework time, mom-school. It’s what we do from 3:30-4:30 and then I start dinner.

2_10_14 10 on 10 (13 of 1)

Thanks for looking! See you again on March 10, 2014! Check back then! For more of my pictures, please visit my Flickr page. ๐Ÿ™‚



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