1 thing to do today: Implement

Are you the type of person that has a million different tabs open on your computer? I know I am. Right now, as I type this post I have Facecook, my work outlook, Flickr, Google Calendar, Pinterest, YouTubeanother facebook tab, and then this window. THEN, I have some various programs open, like Lightroom, Photoshop, Spotify, Excel, Messages, PowerPoint.

OMG, it’s tiring. But, you get the idea. When you are trying to keep up, you have a lot of tabs open, but you aren’t really DOING anything.

So, the new Sunday strategy that I’m trying to implement moving forward it to focus on only TWO things on Sunday and use the day not for research, dreaming and hoping, but for implementation.

Just like you, I have a million great ideas. The ideas are incredibly varied and range from organizing my pantry to some business ideas to the next big blog post. But, I never sit down and actually do.

So, do me a favor today, and every other Sunday. Take your ideas and pick ONE. Then, do something real about making it happen. If it is cleaning your closet, block off time and clean it. If it’s creating a logo for your web site, sit down and do it. If it is meal prep for the week, get off pinterest and start cooking. If it is to be closer to God, go to Church, or study your bible. If if your plan is to be lazy because you NEVER take a break, take it. Today is Sunday. do that one thing that will give you a sens of accomplishment and purpose in the week to come.


Tell me what you implemented in the comments. 🙂

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