The OA on Netflix… That final episode… (spoilers, you were warned)

So, like much of the free world right now, we binged the OA over the holiday season. Much like Making a Murderer last December, this show consumed us in a big way and it was difficult to peel our butts off the couch. I'm going to write this blog from the perspective that you have already watched the show, and you are not seeking a cliff's notes version to the show. You MUST watch the show. It's excellent, but also had a million plot holes that the interwebs have been trying to go over and over for the past two week and it's causing a ton of arguments. The main argument is... was Prairie's story real? Whether you believe this or not directly impacts how you felt about the final episode. If you believe it was fake all along, then the final episode makes no sense, but if the story was real, it makes all the sense. Before we go anywhere else... I cried during the final episode. When they got up and started doing the movements in unison, I bawled. It's what Prairie had been saying … [Read more...]

Blog Hiatus Over… Here’s the 2016 recap

I know, you are reading this, and probably SHOCKED you are reading this. I took a long hiatus from this blog on purpose back in April 2016. I had a lot going on, and I really wanted to step away from this blog and plan a new direction and path for it. Well, 8 months later, I really have no new direction or path for it. It has to be what it is, and always has been, and that is simply a collection of thoughts that I have on different topics about which I am passionate. I've had a regular blog since 2004. It was time for a break, but now it's time to jump back in, and revitalize, and what better way than to catch everyone back up about 2016. I don't have a lot to say about 2016 other than it was a year that I had a lot of extreme personal growth. It was one of those years where I grew up a lot and become more of a grown up and an adult. Sad to say, I'm nearly 40, and still having to get to that point, but alas, here I am. I created more personal boundaries for myself, my family, … [Read more...]

a tisket… a tasket… and empty Target basket

Earlier in the week, or maybe it was last week... (who knows, all these days run together sometimes), Target announced that it would support inclusion of all people and support transgendered members of our communities with the ability to choose the bathroom that is aligned with their gender identity. This makes perfect sense, and has been happening for years, without incident, and without problem. But, now that it’s become a statement and a firm point of view, there have been calls to #BoycottTarget because of their stance. People say Target is not protecting women and girls from predators that slip on a woman’s dress and just waltz right in the bathroom and have their way with all the people in there. To all of this, I say, why is this something new that you are concerned about? Was this something that was not included in your home training packet when you grew up? Was it not ingrained in you in college to go to the bathroom with other girls to be safe? It was for me. One of the … [Read more...]

Prince died… and so did another part of our generation

So, another iconic singer of our generation has passed away. And, when I say OUR GENERATION. I say Gen X'ers... those kids of the late 70s and 80s. The kids that grew up on MTV, and mixed tapes, and boomboxes. We are the generation that spent real TIME listening to music, and the music was really GOOD. It was varied, and it stand the test of time. I could still throw a party, to this day, and play all 80s music, and not a soul would bat an eye. Well, first it was Michael Jackson. Then Whitney. Bowie. Now Prince. The day Madonna passes, the world will go into a serious mourning. But, lets face it. The loss of these icons makes us all face the reality, that, hey... death isn't really that far away. It's touching people that we considered to be peers, if you will. These icons were like our big brothers and sisters, and as we near 40, and 50... well, shit. It's a grim reminder that our lives are short, and you better live the best you can, while you can. I don't want to make this all … [Read more...]

The Best Songs of 2015

Lawd have mercy. Every year, this gets later and later and later, but I won't give up! I won't let the procrastination grab hold of me, because it truly is one of my favorite ways of looking back on a year. 2015 was an exceptional year for music. JUST AMAZING! Best in a long time.I curate these songs all year long. So, I keep a running list and rank them all year. As stated before, here are the criteria for making to my list: 1) How many times I listen to them. 2) How many memories they are linked to. 3) The videos (and I mean beautiful videos) 4) How happy they made me To catch up, click on The Best of 2014. That will link you through to the best of 13, 12, 11 and so on. I do this every year, so if you are new to the party, catch up, because it's still a good time.  Sometimes, I still go back, in a quiet moment, a few years back and reminisce. Therefore you should as well. So, without going through a lot of drama, here's my top 20 of the year. For all of you that … [Read more...]